Sweepstakes - Ellen Schusterson (Jorach)


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Bitches - Patty Gailey (Triad)


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Dogs & Intersex - Leif-Herman Wilberg (Siggen)

My involvement in dogs goes back to 1959 when our family bought our first dog, a German shepherd. We bred and showed German shepherds for 10 years before we imported our first Pembroke corgi from England.

We had a very successful start with our new breed as our first Pembroke ended up as Dog of the Year all breeds in Norway 1968. Since then, out of 300 puppies we have made up around 150 homebred national champions, and 35 international, and also many champions in other countries, many world and section winners, as well as numerous group and best in show winners. Many of them competing among the top 5 for dog of the year all breeds.

Since the Norwegian Welsh Corgi Klubb started the Corgi of the Year competition in 1974, our dogs either homebred or imports have won the title 35 times.

Our most famous dog, Int.Ch. Siggens’s Hi Fi, who was Dog of the Year all breeds in Norway in 1983, was the first imported Pembroke ever to win a CC in England.

We started breeding Pembrokes with short tails in 1989 when Norway as the first country in the world introduced the docking ban. It took us about ten years to come back to the quality we bred before the docking ban, but are quite proud to say that bobtails bred by us have been made up champions in the major corgi countries like England, USA, Australia, Russia and all over Europe, and have won many groups and BIS and competing among the top dogs all breeds in Norway for many years. Our kennel received the Norwegian Kennel Clubs top breeders award in 2002 the first year it was awarded.

In my younger days I used to handle many different breeds for other people. In addition to making up champions in my two main breeds, I have made up champions in poodles, boxers, rottweilers, doberman, keeshonds, whippets, golden retrievers, labrador retrievers.

I have held all different positions in the Norsk Welsh Corgi Klubb, and have received the clubs honorary award “the docked tails order” for my work. I have served on the Norwegian Kennel Klub general committee from 1996 – 2006.

I was chairman of the NKK committee for judging education and examinations for 20 years and the representative for the NKK in the FCI committee for judging education for the same period. I have received NKK’s golden award for my work.

In February 2006 I was elected President of the FCI Show Commission and resigned in 2014.

I have been on the committee of the Norwegian Dog Judges Associations for many years, also chairman for three years. and have received their golden honor for my work. I have been an FCI judge since 1974 , passed as an FCI All Breed Judge in 2010. I have judged at breed specialties in many breeds in many countries, among which many corgi specialties in England, USA, Russia, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Chech Republic, Slovenia, Italy etc. I regularly judge at the major shows all around the world, among them I have judged at many World and Section Shows, Crufts, Sydney Royal etc.

I am very honoured to be elected by the PWCCA members to judge their National Specialty 2019 which will be my most precious judging appointment. Thank you, I am really looking forward to this show.



Herding - Sean & Sharol Hathaway

We started herding in 1989 with our first dog, Timber.  And soon discovered that the upstanding dog trainers available needed much to be desired; so, we bought our own sheep and learned how to do it.

Through the nineties we learned a lot about herding.  We learned that there are good trial dogs and that there are good working dogs; that there are ways to win and ways to work stock.  Somewhere in there Timber became the fourth Belgian Tervuren to achieve HC status.

Our first student came to us and we tried to impart to her and the group that followed the things that we had learned.  Our emphasis was on training the herding teams how to succeed…and how to win.  We also developed a method of training to aid all of us in this endeavor. 

In 2000 our “proof of concept” dog was born, Utah. We trained him from the ground up with all that we had learned.  And it worked.  Utah, at 26 months, became the youngest HC in the Belgian world.  He was also the #1 herding Terv in 2003 (ABTC rankings), a feat which he duplicated in 2012 at the age of 12.  His son, Zion, has continued in his footsteps getting his HC at 28 months and he’s been the top dog twice out of his four years.

In the past 30 years we have trained and handled everything from a Bearded Collie to a Catahoula and most of the breeds in between.  We have put Herding Championships on Malinois, Tervuren and Border Collies; ten HCs all together.

We became herding judges in 1994 to give something back to the sport we love.  As judges we look for good stock work; work that you would like to see on your own farm dealing with your stock. We aren’t concerned overly much about “style” as long as it gets the job done in a satisfactory fashion. When asked a question about our judging we usually can answer, “Have you read the rule book?”  That is how we judge, by the book.

We’re looking forward to judging your national specialty and I hope all of you have a good time working with your furry friends.  When it comes down to it, win or lose, Q or NQ, it’s all about having a good time and enjoying each other.

Tracking - Annette (Nan) Cochrane

I’ve been an Australian Shepherd fancier since 1979. My introduction to showing dogs was in 1989, approximately 3 years prior to the breed being recognized by the AKC. A dog my husband and I purchased as a pet turned out to be show quality so I started showing him in the ASCA breed ring at the urging of his breeder.  I knew nothing. Luckily, he finished himself with me simply hanging onto the other end of the lead. I doubt he would have needed me at all if he could have driven himself to the show site, but it was fun and I was hooked.

I followed the same dog into tracking, again somewhat accidentally. I looked for something else to do with him after finishing an ASCA breed championship and happened upon a tracking class. We both took to tracking right away, earning an ASCA TD before, and an Am. TD shortly after the breed was recognized by the AKC in 1992. Since then I’ve earned tracking titles with 5 more Aussies, the most recent being a CT. I am also active in conformation, obedience, herding and Rally.

I began judging in 1997 and have been a regular status tracking judge since 2007. In my opinion the best part of judging tracking is having a front row seat for each team’s tracking performance. That is enhanced by the opportunity to work with an expert co-judge and a dedicated host club. There is always something to take away from every dog and handler--pass or fail, from every co-judge and from every Test Committee member. Many thanks to the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America for the invitation to judge the 2019 National Specialty TDU/VST. Good luck to all the exhibitors. I hope you have a grand time.

Tracking - Beth Walker


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Agility - Ronda Bermke


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Obedience - Rick Cox


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Rally - Dianne Allen


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