Sweepstakes - Shannon Stone (Foxlair)

Conformation judging begins on Wednesday morning with Shannon  Stone (Foxlair) as our Sweepstakes judge. Shannon’s family purchased their first Pembroke when she was sixteen and she has been in love with the breed ever since. Shannon established her own kennel name shortly after her mother established the Pinemeade prefix. This partnership has allowed Shannon to breed, raise and show many of the country’s top Pembrokes including two National Specialty Best of Breed winners. She has judged many regional specialty Sweepstakes. The highlight is now being given the honor to judge the beautiful puppies and veterans in 2018. “To say that I am humbled is a huge understatement,” says Shannon.

Bitches - Vince Savioli (Aubrey)


All Bitch classes through Veterans will be judged by Vincent Savioli (Aubreys) on Friday. Vince and his wife and mentor Cindy have had Pembrokes for 33 years. He also owns Cardigan Welsh Corgis and has owned Belgian Sheepdogs and Portuguese Podengo Pequeno. Vince is no stranger to the PWCCA National Specialty having won Best of Breed in 1998 with CH Hallmarks Olympian and again in 2013 with GCHP Aubrey’s Moon River. He believes that the highest honor a judge can receive is judging the National Specialty in your own breed. He thanks the members of the PWCCA for this honor.

Dogs & Intersex - Andrew Carter (Saddle Lane)


Thursday is another exciting day of judging with Andrew Carter (Saddle Lane) judging all dog classes through Veterans. Andy has been active in PWC’s since 1976 and a PWCCA member since 1981. He has finished multiple Pembroke champions of his own breeding including Group and Best in Show winners, most of whom were owner-handled. He has been AKC-approved to judge Pembrokes since 2003 and has judged at Westminster Kennel Club as well as numerous US regional specialties. He has also judged in Australia, South Africa, Wales, Ireland, Russia and Canada. He is excited to have been chosen to judge dogs and intersex at our 2018 National. Mr. Carter will be judging at Crufts in 2020. He has been a member of the Mayflower PWCC since 1981 and shares his life in New York City with his beloved corgis Sam and Ty.




Herding - Cynehia Knowlton


I first became interested in training dogs at a very young age but waited until the early 1980’s to take my first obedience class. I began with a Doberman and was quickly hooked by the sport. At the time, my children were small and several years passed before I had the time to get more involved with training. I was planning to compete in Obedience when I bought my first German Shepherd Dog, but I stumbled across Schutzhund, a sport composed of Obedience, Tracking, and Protection, and was instantly intrigued. I then competed and titled in that sport for six years with three different shepherds.

 My interests then turned to the Australian Cattle Dog, again thinking of Obedience competitions. Well, my first ACD “Wicca” turned out to have such a tremendous amount of herding instinct that I just had to get her some sheep and take herding lessons! Since then I have titled numerous dogs in herding and am now an AKC and AHBA herding judge.

 I can truthfully say that I never know in which direction my dogs will lead me, but I always enjoy the ride!

Herding - Brian Wistrom


On Sunday, Brian Wistrom, a well-known Midwestern judge and owner–handler of Bearded Collies, will be our judge for one trial, ducks and sheep, including test classes (sheep.)





Tracking - Ken Barna


Ken Barna is from Burton, Ohio and has been judging tracking for ten years. He and his wife, Debbie, have raised, trained and shown Bloodhounds for 25 years, earning titles in Conformation, Obedience and Tracking. Ken is looking forward to seeing our exhibitors having fun with their dogs and tracks, and wishes everyone a successful day.




Tracking - Judith Edwards






I trained my first dog, a GSD, for obedience in Junior High School. Since then I’ve titled GSDs, GSPs, Border Collies, and a Belgian Tervuren in obedience, agility, and especially tracking. Gusto earned his TDX at our National, so I know what a thrill that experience is.





Agility - Rob Robinson

Rob is one of the pioneers of AKC Agility in the Midwest and he has been active in agility since 1993. Rob’s breed is Border Collies and his first dog, “Freckles”, was in the top ten in both 1997 and 1999. His first MACH was with Border Collie, “Spectacle”. In addition, Rob has experience training and running with dwarf breeds because he and his wife, Kandy, own Cardigan Welsh Corgis. Their corgi, “Hillary”, was the second Cardigan to earn a MACH. In addition, they have trained numerous Pembroke Welsh Corgis to run agility. Their clients have included PWCCA members Vicki Sandage and Bonnie Hansen.

 Rob became an AKC Agility judge in 2004. One of his goals as a judge is to design interesting, flowing courses and he strives to design courses that are different from those seen by most exhibitors at recent events. Rob hopes that each exhibitor both enjoys running his courses and feels challenged by the sequence of obstacles. Rob is aware of the subtleties in running the low riders and his courses will most likely reflect that perspective.

Obedience - Kathleen Cook

My husband Mike and I acquired our first AKC registered dogs in 1976 and together we started MIKA German Shepherds. As a result of having large breed dogs (German Shepherds and a Doberman Pinscher) I began reading books on how to do obedience training my dogs. “Formal” training at a local training club ensued and both Mike and I began showing in obedience in 1984. My training interests have expanded over the years to include Obedience, Tracking, Agility, Rally Obedience, and Schutzhund. I have advanced titles in all, including an OTCh. and three perfect scores of 200. I am a member of several local training clubs and the German Shepherd Club of America. I own a training business, Blue Ribbon Dog Training Academy LLC.

 I was judging fun matches and Show-N-Go’s for multiple clubs. I enjoyed this judging and applied to be an APDT Rally judge in 2000. I was excited when AKC decided to add Rally Obedience as an approved titling venue and I then applied to be an AKC Rally and Obedience Judge. I’m currently judging for all levels of Rally and Obedience. I also judge all level Rally and Obedience for UKC.

Rally - William (Bill) Parrill


I have been training and showing dogs since 1976. I started with a German Shepherd “Rudy” who obtained his UD. I switched to Shetland Sheepdogs and earned four OTCHs on them. I, also earned an OTCH on a Border Collie between Shelties. I also trained and showed three Shelties to their MACHs. I started judging Obedience and Rally in 2004. Currently I am on the OTCH quest with “Disco”, a six-year-old Sheltie. I am a member of Dayton Dog Training Club where I was a board member, Trial Chairman, and Director of Training before our move to Georgia in August of 1997. I am also a member of Queen City Dog Training Club where I taught classes and was president for four years before moving to Georgia. While living in Georgia I was a member of the Atlanta Obedience Club and taught classes at Dogwood Training Academy, where I had the privilege of training with Nancy Patton for a few years. I taught classes at Dogwood for 17 years. 

 We moved back to Ohio in August of 2016 and picked up where we left off, really enjoying our return to the fabulous clubs in this area, especially Queen City DTC and Dayton DTC. 

 My most rewarding accomplishment in dog training was earning an OTCH and a MACH on “Tripper” (pictured with me). Cindy, my wife of 24 years, and I continue showing in Obedience, Rally, and Agility.