Reserved Grooming

Approx. 5’ ft. x 8’ ft., all spaces located in Royal Canin Ring proximity and include use of electricity, no limit on spaces.

Cost:  $40.00 per guest

No dogs may be left in the Royal Canin area overnight.
Special requests will be considered & every effort made to accommodate, but CANNOT be guaranteed.


Day Grooming

Day Grooming (Optional):  Unreserved space, also within Royal Canin Ring proximity, first come, first served on daily basis.  NO guarantee of electricity.

Cost:  No charge to Exhibitor.
All equipment and dogs must be removed from the Day Grooming area by 6:00 PM each day.


The 2018 National Specialty Committee encourages sportsmanship and hospitality throughout this event.


For more information or questions, please contact Dede Rodgers.

Dede Rodgers, Chair
Reserved Grooming




$41.24 Regular Price

This item is available.