Video feeds available through Videographer:  ShowDogVideoPros

We are pleased to announce that Show Dogs Video Pros has been retained to perform all videography services at all the conformation events of our National Specialty including Sweepstakes, Dogs, Bitches, Intersex, Non‐Regular Classes and Junior Showmanship (NOTE  Will NOT be filming any Performance events.)  They will be able to provide not only live streaming video, but also a real-time video broadcast throughout Roberts Centre - Royal Canin Ring.

LIVE and RECORDED Streaming Video in ****HIGH DEFINITION*****

Please visit website for more information and to purchase Live Streaming & DVD/Blu-Ray videos - ShowDogVideoPros.

Live Stream Troubleshooting

  • Switch to Google CHROME as browser will resolve majority of steaming issues.  Consider a higher internet speed connect, slower speed will not provide the same quality.
  • Contact Technical Support - HELP

40 Junction Road, South Berwick, ME  03908 
Website  |  Facebook  |  Store  |  YouTube  |  Twitter
Phone:  (207) 200‐3837  |  (207) 200-DVDS


NOTE  Because this show will be professionally video recorded:

  • No other commercial video recording, video recording from a tripod or monopod mounted camera, or any video recording or streaming of large segments of the show will be permitted.
  • Submission of an entry for and/or physical presence on the show grounds shall constitute both implied and real consent for both the handler and their dog to be video recorded.
  • On Line streaming of show video to Facebook, YouTube, FaceTime, U‐Stream, Live Stream or other comparable outlets is strictly forbidden.
  • All rights to video record and live stream or otherwise exploit this event and/or the persons and animals participating in it, including the names, likenesses and biographical matter of the dogs, owners, handlers, breeders, and kennels participating in the event shall belong solely to PWCCA and/or the American Kennel Club, Inc.  No spectator, participant, owner, handler, breeder, or kennel shall make commercial use of any video recordings of any person or animal participating in this event without prior written approval from PWCCA.  This event may not be broadcast to social media (e.g. Facebook Live, etc.) without prior written approval from PWCCA.
  • Violation of these video policies may result in an Event or Bench Committee hearing.


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Streaming Video