Video feeds available through Videographer:  ShowDogVideoPros will be filming PWCCA 2021 National Specialty this year (NOTE Performance events WILL NOT be filmed.)


Here is the Video Streaming Link information:  PWCCA 2021 National Specialty Video Streaming Link (CLICK HERE)


At this link one can find both Streaming Video and Movie Purchase info.

LIVE and RECORDED Streaming Video in ****ULTRA HI DEFINITION*****

  1. Day-by-Day and Whole Show Passes - access thru 01/01/2022.
  2. Universal Access Ticket - access to all shows for one year.
  3. LIVE Streaming Video during judging.
  4. RECORDED Streaming Video 6hrs **after** judging.
  5. LIVE & RECORDED Streams totally separate.
  6. If LIVE Stream goes off, RECORDED still captures the action!
  7. NO commercials  |  NO advertising  |  NO solicitations
  8. ALL shows filmed as Breeders for Breeders.
  9. Watch 24/7, login as many times as you want.
  10. ONE Ticket admits ONE user to watch ONE show in the Streaming Video Service.


​New Policy

  • ShowDogVideoPros has also started a **New** user & device detection / authentication security system.
  • ONE Ticket admits ONE user to watch ONE show in the Streaming Video Service. This means that we NO longer limit our users to just 3 devices / browsers.
  • New technology can now detect unauthorized user(s) other than the Ticket Holder has signed in using someone else's Ticket Number. Vioation of policy will result in the Ticket Number and account will be immediately suspended, and access to the streaming video cut-off!


Here is the Video Package Price List information:  PWCCA 2021 National Specialty Vide Package Details (CLICK HERE)

  • Discounted Packages
  • Discounted Bundles
  • "Just My Dog"
  • "Just My Class" - New for 2021
  • Select Your Format 

1. Electronic Delivery on USB 3 Flash Drive
2. Electronic Delivery on USB C Flash Drive
3. Electronic Delivery on Lightning Drive (for iPhone or iPad)
4. Electronic Delivery on USB "Micro" Flash Drive (older Android devices)
5. Electronic Delivery on USB -> HDMI Medi Player


See attached PDF for more information. 




As a reminder, our contract includes an EXCLUSIVE VIDEO RIGHTS Agreement.  As you know, this means that NO ONE can film from a mounted camera, or film whole classes.

IMPORTANTLY, LIVE streaming video of any kind - to Facebook Live, You Tube, Face Time, etc is PROHIBITED.


We do allow that folks can film their own dogs **for personal use only** and post to social media.  But again, LIVE Streaming is not allowed.
Thanks so much and see you all very soon!


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Live Stream Troubleshooting

Switch to Google CHROME as browser will resolve majority of steaming issues.  
Consider a higher internet speed connect, slower speed will not provide the same quality.
Contact Technical Support - HELP

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