Video feeds available through Videographer:  Show Dog Video Pros


We are pleased to announce that Show Dogs Video Pros has been retained to perform all videography services at all the conformation events of our Specialty including Sweepstakes, Dogs, Bitches, Intersex, Non‐Regular Classes and Junior Showmanship. They will be able to provide not only live streaming video, but also a real-time video broadcast throughout the Purina Events Center building.


LIVE and RECORDED Streaming Video in ****HI DEFINITION*****

(1) Day-by-Day and Whole Show Passes good thru 12/31/2017!
(2) PWCCA 2017 streaming passes good for BOTH Live and Recorded PLUS our **NEW** DVR Service.
(3) Watch 24/7, login as many times as you want.
(4) Limit: 1 user per account at a time; 3 browser devices per account.
The Streaming Video Player also has FREE previews, FREE Slow Motion Effects and FREE unlimited photo snapshots from video.

Just My Dog - Custom-made edited video of JUST your dog.  Includes footage featuring your Dog's Exam, Movements, Cuts, Placements and Awards.  Includes one or many classes complete with Titling, Music and Slow Motion.  Totally customized to your specs!

Just My Class - Custom-made DVDs (or Blu-Rays) of just the class or classes you want.  Fully edited, titled and finished video.  (Limit 2 hrs per DVD).

Gorgeous Hi Definition Edited Video of all Show Conformation Classes and Events. Every Dog is filmed & titled on screen with complete AKC Info. Pre-Order Single Discs or Packaged Sets.

**New DVD Feature - MUSIC or NO MUSIC” Option:  Our DVD Menus now include a selection to turn Music On or Off. 


40 Junction Road, South Berwick, ME  03908 
Website  |  Facebook  |  Store  |  YouTube  |  Twitter
:  (207) 200‐3837  |  (207) 200-DVDS


NOTE  Because this show will be professionally video recorded:

  • No other commercial video recording, video recording from a tripod or monopod mounted camera, or any video recording or streaming of large segments of the show will be permitted.
  • Submission of an entry for and/or physical presence on the show grounds shall constitute both implied and real consent for both the handler and their dog to be video recorded.
  • On Line streaming of show video to Facebook, YouTube, FaceTime, U‐Stream, Live Stream or other comparable outlets is strictly forbidden.
  • Violation of these video policies may result in an Event or Bench Committee hearing.


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Streaming Video