LOCATION:  Purina Farms - Event Center

200 Checkerboard Loop, Gray Summit, MO 63039
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Map: Purina Farm Property
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Purina Farms is a state of the art 45,000-square-foot (Event Center) exhibition hall, groomng area, and meeting/event space for any special event. In addition, capable of hosting any outdoor competition or exhibition event on one of six available property spaces. 

Emergency Plan Document

Purina Farms Guest Rules

Purina Farms Event Center Layout

Purina Farms Event 1st Floor Layout  |  Purina Farms Event 2nd Floor Layout

Purina Farms Outdoor Area

Outdoor competition/exhibition spaces:

  • Main Show Field
  • Agility Field
  • Herding and Trial Field
  • Working Dog and Flying Disc Competition Field
  • Go to Ground/Earthdog Dens
  • Diving Dog Pool at the Purina Visitor Center

Purina Farms RV Layout & Overflow RV Lot

General Purina Farms & Local Area Information