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In an attempt to keep you all updated about your upcoming National I will begin to make posts when we have news or announcements to make. 
Joan Scott, Show Chair

June 3, 2020  - Message from PWCCA President, Sally Wynn 

In its 84-year history, PWCCA has never had to cancel its National Specialty – until now. After many, many hours of discussion and consideration, PWCCA’s Board of Directors has decided to cancel our 2020 National Specialty due to COVID-19. It was an exceedingly difficult decision, but we must keep the safety of our members, exhibitors, and spectators as our top priority.

The scheduled site of our 2020 National – The Founders in Virginia Beach, VA – has agreed to let us transfer our contract and deposits to 2021. So our 2021 National Specialty will be held at their beautiful 25-acre property. The dates for 2021 will be the first week of October. Our 2020 Show Chairs, Joan Scott and Shawn Michael, have both graciously agreed to chair the 2021 Specialty. Our 2020 Performance Chair is working out the details of sites for herding and agility in 2021.

This required that we abandon our plans for a National in Tennessee in 2021, since it looks like the on-site hotel at the Tennessee site will not be ready in 2021. We truly appreciate the willingness of Palmetto and Greater Atlanta to give up hosting the 2021 National in Tennessee to accommodate this change and appreciate all the work they have done. We are hopeful that they will present a bid for a future National.

The 2020 conformation judging panel has been asked to judge our 2024 National, and they have all agreed to do so. Our 2021 conformation judges will be the panel we had previously selected for 2021: Danelle Brown will judge Dogs and Best of Breed, Vicki Sandage will judge Bitches, and Nancy Oehlhof will judge Sweepstakes.

If you have made a hotel reservation in the PWCCA room block at The Founders for the 2020 dates, the hotel will automatically cancel that reservation for you. You will not need to contact them.

All of our trophy sponsorships for 2020 will be carried forward to 2021.

There are several lovely 2020 Ways & Means items and the 2021 Calendar available to be purchased. The order form can be downloaded from the PWCCA website.

Additional updates will be posted on the PWCCA National Specialty page on Facebook as they become available.

These are indeed extraordinary times. We appreciate everyone who has come together to work through the obstacles of the last few months. We can now all look forward to a terrific 2021 National in Virginia Beach, when the beach will be open again!

May 19, 2020 - Message from Show Chair, Joan Scott
I am sad to share with you that Sarah Taylor will not be able to join us in September to judge. It is a huge disappointment for all of us. Kandy L Boll will be our dog and Best of Breed judge and I am sure I do not have to tell you how excited she is!! Amy Wilmarth Caple will be judging bitches and she is over the moon. I still have hopes we will be able to be together in September to celebrate our wonderful breed and share yet another successful National. Having our show outside on grass will be a sight to behold!!! Keep your fingers crossed and a prayer or two won’t hurt. Stay tuned.... and stay safe

May 9, 2020 - Musings about the 2020 National - Message from Show Chair, Joan Scott
We are lucky to have our venue in Virginia Beach….. The Founders is an extensive property with large spacious inside areas where we can spread out and there is 26 beautiful landscaped acres. The confirmation ring will be outside for this one National. The weather can be glorious in late September in that area of Virginia and hopefully with a little help from above we will be blessed with it. I am not sure at this juncture where our banquet will be at the hotel…. we have a few possibilities and choices. This National will be a bit different and we will have to be creative but with the team we have…it will be awesome. The AKC is coming out with suggestions on how to run our show and have offered any help we need to make it all work.

Virginia will be gradually opening up on May 15th…. and we will all be watching closely. There are many unknowns, but with a little faith and luck perhaps we will have our National. There are shows in Perry, Ga and in Montana the middle of June and I am anxious to see how they are run and how it all works. Morris & Essex as well as Hatboro, Devon and Montgomery County are the same week as our National and they are hopeful and optimistic their shows will be a go… I do think going outside will make a huge difference and certainly makes it easier for us to help you to feel safer.

Our block in the hotel is still full….. we have had a few cancellations but we still have a waiting list.

If you are thinking of coming and having to fly….. Dulles is 3 hours from the Founders. Most major airlines have direct flights from major cities into Dulles…. I picked up at dog there at Alaskan Airlines last night that came in from Seattle, I am sure I do not have to tell you how wonderful they are. It is an easy airport to travel into. Dulles is a little over 2 hours for me and I did it in torrential rain and wind yesterday…. it is pretty much of a straight shot to the beach from there.

If you have any issues, questions or suggestions please privately message or text me. My cell is 302-521-5986.

Looking forward to seeing you in September…. Joan

News and Announcements