2019 Triathlon Entry Form

The Triathlon Challenge is a competition to honor the Most Versatile Pembroke at the 2019 National Specialty.  Corgi fanciers must pre-register by September 4, 2019 to participate. For additional information or questions, please contact Ronda Dillard.

Be aware that not all points listed in this document may be available during specific year’s competition. This document lists points available for all AKC classes offered, and the PWCCA may decline to offer the entire roster of potential classes.


To be eligible, a dog must enter and compete in at least three (3) event categories offered at the National Specialty: agility, herding, obedience, rally, tracking and conformation (including sweepstakes and altered class). Any combination of these categories is acceptable. If entered in more than three categories, the top three highest scores earned will be used toward the challenge (except when it comes to breaking any tie score). Throughout the triathlon, more than one person may handle the dog.

Dogs participating in these events, even if they do not qualify, earn points. Points, however, are not earned by dogs that are excused for lameness or unacceptable behavior as defined by the rules of that particular event.

Points are awarded for whatever class or combination of classes that earns a dog the most points in each of the events. Three points are awarded for competing in an event. Additional points are awarded for qualifying, or earning a placement ribbon in a conformation class. Some events award additional points for earning a score that is higher than the minimum required to qualify. Some events reward consistency with additional points for qualifying more than once. Some do both. The maximum number of points that may be earned from any event is 20.

All scoring for the top award will be done from the official Judge’s book(s) for each event in order to verify the corgi has met the participation requirements (i.e., was not excused). Any errors in scoring MUST be reported within 24 hours of the posting of results for that event. If not reported then the score stands.

The dog earning the highest number of points during National Specialty week is the winner of the Triathlon Challenge. Winner of the competition will be announced, and an award presented, at the banquet on Saturday.



  1. The Triathlon Coordinator, or their designee, maintains all the records for this competition, and is responsible for gathering and recording scores as they are earned by participants.
  2. All decisions by the Triathlon Coordinator and/or the National Specialty Performance Coordinator are final.



Go to the PWCCA National Specialty website ( for rules, point schedule and a registration form.  Entrants need to return the completed form and applicable fees to the Triathlon Committee by September 4, 2019 as identified on the form.



Points will be awarded according to the following established point schedule.


Triathlon Challenge Point Schedule









In the event of a tie score, the following criteria shall be used:

  1. Points earned in all events (above the three used for the initial calculation) are included in the score.
  2. If a tie still exists, or no Corgis competed in more than three (3) events, bonus points will be added to the tied scores based on level of competition in each event the Corgi participated in. The highest class competed in will be used, regardless if that score was used in the original calculation.